Blue Mountains VR

Immersive panoramas & stills

The following is a gallery of linear and cubic panoramas of the Blue Mountains region of NSW in Australia.

Usually this kind of thing has an emphasis on Tourism or The Environment or Alternative Lifestyles, but here I am more interested in something different. Of course tourist venues are still covered, but I have also included are more offbeat things like bush-fires, community demolition or everyday celebrations and suburban fetes.

Under Construction

Rather than delay the HTML5 upgrade in 2011, the site went live with all the VR panoramas disabled.

Where approrpriate, I have instead provided a JPEG of the original VR scene.

The reason for the delay is that I need time to experiment with different HTML5 VR playback options. Many solutions are currently limited to iPods/ iPads, or else they only work in Firefox but not in Webkit, or vice-versa.

I plan to re-enable the VR content… eventually =)

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lawson redo



Tech Stuff

All the panoramas were taken using Leica M rangefinder film cameras, with a Leica R 16mm Fisheye-Elmarit lens. The images were assembled by hand in Photoshop CS.

The linear panorama of the Lawson shopping centre was taken using an Olympus E-500 DSLR with a Nikkor 24mm AIS lens. Again the (here 80×) images were joined together manually in Photoshop CS.